Institutional Pest Control Services Vancouver

ABC Pest Control provides Pest Management Services to the following Institutions:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes

Pest Health Threats

If public health is top priority for communities across the country, then so should pest and rodent control. Pests and rodents aren’t simply a nuisance- they can severely affect your health and the health of your family. This is why proper pest control is critical in homes, businesses, school and any other place where human beings live, work or play. Pest control is not just a matter of protecting your most valuable investment: it’s a matter of protecting what most valuable to you!

Whether your concern is asthma, West Nile Virus, lyme disease, allergic reactions to bee stings or any other host of health threats posed by pests and rodents, ABC can provide you with and overview of the dangers you and your family can face from insect infestations. ABC Pest Control is a key contributor to the protection of public health as they inspect for, prevent and treat pest and rodent infestations. We apply  Integrated Pest Managements (IPM).

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