ABC’s  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program relies on intelligence, not chemical. We focus on the Least Toxic Approach combining effect yet non-traditional techniques and technologies to kill pests. Not only does this bring the problem under control, but also it helps to preserve indoor air quality of your premises and protect the environment.

By following 6-step plan, we ensure compliance with safety and legal requirements.

  1. Monitoring - Our certified service technicians inspect and audit locations regularly to monitor pest activity.
  2. Identification - Control strategies are based on proper pest identification by our experts.
  3. Sanitation - ABC will recommend steps you can take to make your operating environment less hospitable to pests.
  4. Exclusion - Pest are prevented from entering your premises by sealing cracks and crevices in walls, doors and windows, and by altering entry points.
  5. Extermination - Chemical and non-chemical methods are used only where and when needed.
  6. Evaluation/Verification – We document all pest evidence, housekeeping, cleanup practices and control strategies.