Why Saving Our Bees Is So Important

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Bees are among the most important creatures on the Earth. They help humans in many ways and are, in fact, beneficial to us every day and every season.

While it could be argued that bees shouldn't be considered pests, if you find you have an overabundance of bees on your property it's best to call the finest in pest control in Vancouver for help. They will get those bees into a safe location – safe both for them and for you.

Here's why saving our bees is so important.

Bees Play a Major Role in Nature

Did you know that bees pollinate over 80% of the Earth's flowering plants? Without bees pollinating gardens and green spots, we wouldn't be enjoying the beauty of nature that bursts forth every Spring.

Just one bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day. That's a lot of colorful blooms!

Bees Are Vital to the Earth's Food Supply

If you love fruits, nuts and all kinds of vegetables, thank a bee! Bees are responsible for pollinating over 70% of all these plants.

Are you an almond lover? Almond is a popular flavoring - perfect in cakes, breads, and as a snack. Without bees, there would be no almonds at all.

Of all the food crops grown throughout the world, bees pollinate a majority of them. They are also vital to bird and animal species, too.

Honey is a Superfood

Bees make honey, which is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Raw honey is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, which provide you with all the added nutrients you could wish for. If you suffer seasonal allergies, just taking local raw honey will put an end to your sneezing for good.

How to Respond When Bees Move In

It's amazing to see how vital bees are to the planet. If you are overrun with them, calling an exterminator in Vancouver doesn't necessarily mean that the bees will be destroyed. Rather, it means you are engaging professionals who will be able to assess the scene and determine how best to solve your bee problem, and hopefully also save the colony.

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