What To Do About Meat Bees

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Meat bees, otherwise known as yellow jackets, aren't actually bees at all. They are, in fact, wasps which have long, slender bodies and appear smooth-skinned. Yellow jackets, along with hornets, are the most common wasps encountered by people. They can be a nuisance – they are capable of stinging multiple times, and some can even bite! 

So how do you get rid of meat bees? 

You might be tempted to run out to your local store and pick up some bug spray. But, do you really know what you have? Are they bees, wasps, or hornets? By engaging experts, you can deal with the root causes associated with these buzzing hazards, as opposed to just keeping them at bay for a short time with potentially dangerous chemicals that you may not wish to use around your family. 

The first thing pest experts will do for you is to ascertain exactly what type of wasp you have. Meat bees make their nests in many different places. There are those that are in easy places to see, and there are wasps that will also make their home in the ground, unseen by you. There are also wasp nests that are found behind the walls of your home, or in the attic. The only way you know they're there is by watching them come and go through an aperture in the wood. 

For problems with meat bees as big as these, you don't want to take on the task of removal by yourself. The dangers of bee removal is just too much for one person to do, and attempting to take on this job singlehandedly can be extremely dangerous, even fatal. Meat bees or yellow jackets can be very aggressive. They have lance-like stingers, they can sting repeatedly, particularly when they sense that their nest is being threatened or destroyed. 

Trust your local pest control company to safely and expertly solve your 'bee' problem. 

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