Treat Bed Bug Infestations Immediately

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The bed bug, Cimex lectularis, is a worldwide pest that has made resurgence in major cities in the North America in the past few decades. If you have reason to believe your home or dwelling has bed bugs, you should take steps to identify and treat the infestation immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the infestation will get. 

Bed bugs are a formidable pest. They have flat bodies and are able to work their way into crevasses in furniture upholstery, underneath mattresses, and between wall moulding and carpet seams. Bed bugs hide during the day and are active at night, feeding on the blood of human beings and pets. Often their bites are painless, only detected by the presence of the little red bumps that they leave, or the restless nights that can come from extensive feeding. Some humans have a reaction to bed bug bites comparable to an allergy, resulting in swelling and itchiness. 

If they can feed on blood regularly, bed bugs will metamorphose from eggs to adults in as little as a month. Female bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs per day continuously, producing as many as 500 eggs in her lifetime, if adequately fed. Bed bug larvae can survive for up to several months without feeding, laying dormant until they eat again, at which point they continue moulting into their next life cycle stage. Adults are able to survive even longer without feeding, and will simply wait to produce eggs until they are able to resume their blood meals.

Bed bugs are travellers, they can travel from room to room in a house through central air ducts. They also hide themselves in luggage, bedding, and clothing and are unwittingly transmitted to new hosts. Avoid the spread of bed bugs by seeking professional eradication with a Vancouver pest control company as soon as possible.           


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