Summer Pest Removal and Control for Your Home

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Spring is here and the bees are abuzzin’! And that is a good indicator of what all insects, rodents, and pests are doing right now. They’re busy getting ready for warmer weather and they’re probably multiplying like crazy as soon as they feel the temperatures increase a bit. Now is the time to hire a professional to ensure that you’re not creating a cozy home for all those pests that have been relatively dormant through the cooler months.

Spring Cleaning?

If you’ve got the spring cleaning bug, you’re going around and making sure that those dusty corners and damp closets are getting a good airing. Now’s the time to look for signs of bugs that have been snuggled up in dark places around the house. Airing will help to reduce the likelihood of dust mites and other mites that don’t like sunshine and fresh air, and it will minimize the potential of mold and mildew.

But you’re also looking for signs of pests. Keep your eyes out for nests, as mice are likely to find themselves welcome in unused bedding and other soft fluffy places. If you see fabric that looks like it’s been chewed or bunched, clear out the entire space and make sure there isn’t a nest in there. Also look for droppings, as those are a telltale sign that you’ve got free-loaders.

For insects, you should be keeping an eye out for piles of very fine wood shavings and droppings. Any unexplained piles or small holes in wood should be examined closely.

Insects and rodents are always looking for a nice place to call home, but now is the time when they make their homes into cozy places for their families. Talk to a professional pest control expert to make sure that you don’t have hidden nests in your home or to get rid of unwanted pest infestations.

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