Staying Safe From Pests While Enjoying the Outdoors

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If pests have invaded your living space, it’s best to call a pest professional immediately. However, sometimes you want to venture into the territory where pests live! Fortunately, there are many tactics and tricks you can use to minimize exposure to pests while enjoying the great outdoors.

There’s no need to let mosquitoes or ticks ruin your enjoyment of mother nature. First, it’s important to be aware of which pests you may be exposed to. For example, if you’re moving old logs to make room for the winter woodpile, you’ll want to wear gloves and be aware of poisonous spiders who love to hide out in dark, sheltered places like a woodpile. The black widow and brown recluse both live in the Vancouver area. You can protect yourself from these spiders by wearing thick gloves while you’re doing yard work or cleaning out a shed, and looking before you put your hand in a dark, dry environment where they may be nesting.

Mosquitoes are probably the pest you immediately think of when you picture the outdoors during summertime. Of course, applying mosquito and tick repellant is the first line of defense and will make your outdoor adventure more enjoyable as well as safer. Don’t forget to reapply frequently.

Ticks carry Lyme Disease, which is a serious illness. It can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Ticks’ natural habitat is areas of thick grasses, trees, and brush. In addition to applying repellant, you can keep your lawn mowed close, and if you’re out hiking, tuck your pant cuffs into your socks—this will allow you to see the ticks right away. Wearing white socks makes this task even easier. Always do a tick check when you get home. With a little bit of knowledge about common pests, it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors worry free!

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