Spring Pest Control for Vancouver Homes and Gardens

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With springtime around the corner, homeowners are preparing for a season of sunshine, barbecues and (unfortunately) pests! Like many “spring cleaning” chores, getting rid of pests can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few ways to help reduce the likelihood of infestations to a home.

Initially, all pests enter the home from the outside. Preventing the likelihood of their entry is the first step to making sure that they don’t become a problem.

Plants and mulches should be kept at least three feet from the house. This is a simple way to help ward off rodents, and many types of insects that are attracted to flowers, leaves, and the moisture from mulch.

Pests often can enter a home through the tiny gaps around plumbing and pipes, window frames, attics and crawl spaces. To make sure that these areas don’t allow the pests in, make sure that all window screens are properly fitted and repair any tears immediately, replace old weatherstripping, and seal or caulk holes and cracks right away.

Some types of insects are attracted to stagnant water. To prevent these pests from accumulating near (or in) your home, repair roof leaks quickly. Check for issues with plumbing, and clear gutters of debris on a regular basis so that the water does not sit and become a drinking or breeding source for insects.

There are also a number of preventative measures we can take on the insides of our homes. These measures include keeping pet food and water off of the ground – elevated bowls will inhibit pests from being able to use them as a food or water source. Additionally, keeping areas such as garages and attics clear of clutter. Pests such as spiders and silverfish will often choose cluttered area and cardboard boxes to build their nests – to avoid having these pests in your home, reduce the amount of cardboard boxes in your home and try to keep clutter to a minimum.

To prevent a pest infestation of your home, being proactive can go a long way, and the Spring and Summer months are when the pressure of infestation is at its highest. If a pest has infested your home already, it may be time to contact a licensed professional before they cause damage.

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