Spring is Here: Time for Pest Management

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With the warmer weather starting back up again, homeowners need to begin thinking about pest management once more in and around their homes. We have put together a list of pests to watch out for, and how to deal with them.

Ants are usually one of the first pests to show up in the spring, and usually signal a homeowner to remember to begin dealing with preventative measures for pest management. Typically, ants enter the home looking for moisture – and are very common to be found in homes with basements because of this. General insecticides are not very effective against ants, and may simply cause them to spread throughout the house. Ant bait can be effective, but needs to be placed in numerous areas in the home. Once the ground outside of the home is dry, it may also be beneficial to apply pesticides around the exterior of the home.

Spiders are seen throughout the year inside of homes in BC. Typically, spiders in the home are on the hunt for insects to eat. Over the counter insecticides are fairly effective in killing spiders, but there are some easier ways to keep them at bay. Placing mouse glue boards traps behind furniture or in unfinished areas of the home next to walls will capture many of the spiders in the home. Additionally, it is a good idea to try to knock down any cobwebs and spider webs you see in your home to discourage spiders from reproducing within the home.

While flies normally die off on their own within just a few days, there are a couple of options for preventing their entry in the first place. In the fall months, apply insecticides to the exterior of the home including around the windows and the eaves. If there seem to be a large number of flies suddenly within your home, it may be worthwhile to check the area around your home (or in your attic, basement, etc) for the potential of a dead rodent or bird where the flies may have been hatched and used as a food source.

Centipedes and millipedes tend to start showing up near the end of winter and early spring. Because they are usually living within concealed areas of the home, insecticides won’t be of much help. Fortunately, once spring rolls around most of these types of insects will leave your home on their own. In the warmer months, apply an exterior treatment of pesticides to help keep these pests outside of the home.

Thinking ahead about pest management will ensure the least amount of creepy-crawlies within your home for both the warm winter months, and will get ahead of the curve to avoid them coming in to roost for the winter and the subsequent spring. Now that it is starting to get warm out, it’s a good time to start planning!

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