Problems with Silverfish?

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Silverfish are common in households all across North America, primarily in damp, cool places. They love your basement, hiding in the walls where pipes are leaking, and they eat paper so they chew through all kinds of things, from dry goods packaging and cardboard to books and wallpaper. They’re very common and they don’t bite, but they are a pest and can be a big pain if you don’t take care of them. Here are a few ideas for reducing the comfort of silverfish living in your home.

Reduce Humidity

Yes, this is a challenge, especially on the west coast. But it is possible to improve ventilation in attics and basements to circulate the air and let out the humidity. If it’s not possible, consider getting a dehumidifier and remember to empty it regularly. You know those little packets of silica gel that come with dry goods? Put those in the corners to soak up any humidity. Any leaks or spills should be taken care of immediately. And never let standing water sit. Any water left standing will evaporate at least a little bit and keep the space damp.

Seal the Cracks

Silverfish like to hide in narrow spaces and if you can limit those spaces you’ll limit the places where they can hide from your vacuum cleaner. Seal up cracks both inside and outside the house, as silverfish often live in shingles, woodpiles, or birds’ nests and will take the opportunity to live in your home if they find a crack.

Don’t Feed the Fish

Finally, knowing what they like to eat and then limiting their access to food will also force them to move on. Usually silverfish settle in when there’s a good source of food, like flour, starches, and cereals. Use hard plastic or glass containers in your cupboards so they can’t get into these foods.

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