Preventing Rodents In Winter

With all the snow and colder weather we have had in Vancouver this year, it is no wonder that you may have seen more than one rodent creeping around your property. Rodents are going to be looking for weak spots in your home to get inside and get warm as well as find a food resource.

Here are some steps to prevent rodents during the cooler months:

Weather strip your doors

Walking the perimeter of your home and sealing gaps along the base of doorways, garage doors and pet doors is vital to keeping rodents out.

The local hardware store carries a variety of weather proofing strip seals for the entrance doors to your home. It is also important to assess the rubber strip installed at the base of your garage door; over time, these become weathered and crack or come loose from the screws or nails holding them in place. Pet doors should be kept closed during the winter if possible. If closing them up for the winter is not an option, then check the seal yourself or have a pet door installer inspect your door for a good tight seal.

Seal up gaps

Rodents like rats and mice only need a space the approximate size of a quarter or dime to get into your home. Having the cracks and gaps around the foundation of your home is an effective way to lock out rodents. It is important to remember to check around pipes and windows as well. Using cooper wool to fill these gaps is our recommended method as mice and rats can chew through caulking and foam fillers.

Your home needs to breath, so using aluminum window screening over larger openings like windows, vents and chimneys is recommended for good air flow.

Get A professional assessment of your home

Hiring a professional pest control company to come in and do a walk through to identify entrance areas can save you a lot of time and money. ABC Pest Control in Vancouver will work with you to identify holes and cracks; as well as professionally seal these potential entry points.

Taking some time to properly seal gaps, replace worn weather stripping around your doors, and working with a professional pest management company in Vancouver to assess potential entry points, will help to keep rodents out of your home and left out in the cold during the winter in Vancouver.

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