Pest Control for German Cockroaches

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Once you have a German cockroach infestation, it can be difficult to get rid of them.  These roaches multiply quickly, can go several months without food and up to 2 weeks without water.  They often hitchhike into your home on cardboard boxes or in connected buildings such as apartments, can sneak in from a neighbor’s home.

The tenacity of the German cockroach makes a diligent and consistent pest management program necessary to rid your home of them.  A qualified pest control company with experienced exterminators can help you get your cockroach problem under control.  Most pest control companies today utilize Integrated Pest Management, which incorporates environmentally responsible pest management techniques.  IPM involves a combination of an understanding of the pest, with the application least toxic but effective pest control method available.

An exterminator will identify the degree of your cockroach problem and best course of action to remedy your current infestation.  To address the immediate problem, they will determine which pest control will work best, starting with the least risky solution, which may include natural chemicals or bait.  They will also make suggestions on how you can help prevent future cockroach problems. 

Ongoing prevention of German Cockroaches might include: 

  1. Keep it clean.  Proper sanitation is the most critical component of managing, and ultimately eradicating cockroaches from your home or business. 
  2. Get rid of their food. German roaches require food, water and a place to live.  Eliminating their food source is an ongoing battle, but a necessary step in removing them.  Roaches have the ability to sustain themselves on just a smudge of grease.  This means cleaning all surfaces in your kitchen is important.  Be sure to wipe kitchen appliances, clean out your cabinets, limit where your family eats to eliminate crumbs, clean your floor nightly and wipe down your counters with a cleaner every night.  Also make sure to store food, including pet food, in sealed containers.  Finally, manage your trash in cans with lids that close and empty it each night.
  3. Eliminate their water source.  For serious infestation, stop up sinks and tubs at night and dry them completely.  Dry your toothbrushes and store them overnight. Don’t leave pet water dishes, wet dish towels or sponges out.
  4. Kick them out.  Seal holes and cracks where they can hide.  Make sure your doors and windows have a tight seal.  Finally, they like the warmth of electronics, so tape over holes or crevices in appliances, clocks, phones, etc.
  5. Chemical insecticides might include dusts, sprays and baits.  Your pest control expert will advise you which is best for your cockroach problem.

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