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Dealing With Pests on a Larger Scale

Nobody likes to think about pests. It’s an absolute nightmare to imagine what would happen if a larger living complex were to have trouble with bugs or rodents, and the scale of the job to get rid of them is daunting. But it’s not unusual for universities, nursing homes, and even hospitals to have problems with pests. Often, it’s a problem of control and regular maintenance, because someone somewhere dropped food and the pests took it as an invitation. So how can you possibly control pests on an industrial scale?  The first step is contacting a pest control company that can help you identify your problems and implement long term solutions on a large scale.


When most building managers or maintenance staff think of dealing with pests like cockroaches, ants, or even bed bugs, they assume that the best defence will be harsh, dangerous chemicals that kill everything. For a long time, that was the accepted and industry standard treatment for an industrial pest problem. The “nuke ‘em” method. But unfortunately, chemicals are only one part of a complete solution, and they can pose a number of problems of their own.

A Balanced Approach

While pest control companies sometimes find using chemicals is sometimes necessary, industrial pest control in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and universities often involves a lot of preventative measures. The strategy that really works is going to be one that includes education, maintenance, and quick action at the first sign of pests.

While dealing with a pest problem in a large building seems difficult, the risks of ignoring a problem are much scarier. Rodents and insects bring in disease, and if they get away with raiding university pantries or hospital trash cans, the health threats are amplified by the close quarters of all residents. It’s simply unacceptable to ignore a pest problem. The longer you wait to deal with it, the harder it will be to get rid of pests.

Take action immediately and work with a pest control expert to make the job of industrial pest management as easy as possible.

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