How to Prevent Hitchhiking Pests this Holiday Season

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Travel during the holidays hits a peak, for both humans and pests that like to hitch a ride. But pests travel much shorter distances. The majority of insects that find their way into our homes during this time of year come from the various things we bring into our homes from the outdoors, or the things we take out of storage or out of the basement only once a year. Here are a few things to consider as you bring in the tree, unpack ornaments, and get ready for the holidays. 

Check Boxes for Signs of Pests 

If you have ornaments and decorations stored out of the way or even in another building, they’ve been quiet and undisturbed for many months. While the most likely pests you’ll see will be harmless spiders, you may also see signs of silverfish or even rodents. Take a quick look around the outside of each box before you open it. If there are holes that look like they were chewed into the side of the box, take the box outside to open it, just in case. Also look in the general area for signs of pests, such as dropping or dead bugs. 

Shake Out the Tree

Before bringing Christmas trees and wreaths indoors, give them a quick shake to dislodge any spiders or moths that might be hiding in the needles. It won’t hurt to have a quick look and shake the tree out before you bring it inside.

Wash Cloth Items

Before you put out cloth decorations, give them a wash. Unseen moth eggs or other pests will be dealt with so you won’t encourage a new crop during the next year. 

Anything you store in a shed, garage, attic, or basement for almost a year is going to be a preferable place for pests. Just have a closer look and you won’t bring pests into the living room.

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