How to Identify and Remove Silverfish in Vancouver

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Silverfish are one of the most common insect pests in Vancouver homes and businesses. However, they are sneaky and can go unnoticed if you’re not looking for them. Silverfish are nocturnal and move very quickly, plus they prefer dark and hidden places. While people prefer not to have them around, they don’t bite and seem to post no threat to humans. It’s likely that you wouldn’t see any even if you’ve got an infestation. But silverfish are capable of doing quite a bit of damage. 

The real problem with silverfish is that they eat a lot of things that you don’t want them to eat. They feed on sugars and starches, usually things like cellulose, the glue in books, and linen and silk fabrics. They’ll eat right through food packaging made of cellulose. You don’t want many-legged bugs popping into your food, eating through books or destroying your clothing. 

Silverfish Identification and Removal

Most people realize they have silverfish when they discover one trapped in a sink or bathtub. Sometimes you’ll find them in food containers made of cellulose. They are usually a kind of silver grey color, wider in the front and tapering towards a point at the tail. They measure between 12 and 19mm, typically, and have many, many tiny legs. Other signs of a silverfish infestation are destruction of book bindings, wallpaper, or clothing. 

There are a few household remedies for silverfish infestations, but the majority only kill individual insects. Most insect traps and poisons are only good for killing individual silverfish, as well. In the long term, a serious silverfish infestation can really only be dealt with by a professional Vancouver pest control company. Usually the problem can be solved quickly and the exterminator will give you ideas about how to keep silverfish from coming back. 

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