How to Choose a Pest Control Company in Vancouver

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Whether searching for Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Institutional Pest Control services in Vancouver, the steps to choosing the right company for your pest problem are the same.  These tips will help you find the Vancouver Pest Control Company that is right for you.


  1. Ask Friends, Family or Coworkers

To ensure you choose a reputable company and receive the best customer service, ask for referrals from family, friends or coworkers. 

  1. Company Qualifications

What are the company’s qualifications? Are their exterminators licensed and is the company insured?  Do they belong to industry associations, the Better Business Bureau, etc? 

  1. Company History

How many years has the business been providing pest control?  How much experience do they have with your type of pest issue? 

  1. Are they using Integrated Pest Management?

Do they utilize Integrated Pest Management? all available control methods, starting with least toxic alternatives while achieving maximum effectiveness with the least possible hazard to people, animals and the environment.  Your pest control company should educate you on the alternatives and work with you to identify the level of pesticide use you are willing to tolerate.  

  1. Is Their Work Guaranteed?

Does the company guarantee its services?  For what duration and by what means do they support their guarantee. 

  1. They Should Provide a Free Consultation

Most companies provide free consultations or estimates.  Consider the initial consultation - was the service person on time, able to answer your questions, etc 

  1. Lowest Price isn’t Always Best

You might want to compare several companies. The lowest price isn’t always the best option.  Consider the price, service frequency and the services included when choosing a company.    

  1. Be Sure You Understand What’s Included in Your Service Package?

Ensure you understand the terms of your service. Be sure the recommended pest control program includes pests to be controlled, the nature of the pest problem, ingredients in the chemical control to be used, potential health risks, form and application of the pesticide and non-chemical alternatives available. 

  1. Determine How Often?

Based on your pest control needs, your service provider should come up with a recommendation on how frequently your property needs to be treated.  This may vary with the seasons or particular infestation. They should work with you to determine the frequency of service that works best for you. 

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