Fall Pests - Signs You May Have More Than One

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It’s the autumn, a beautiful season in Vancouver. The good news is, you’re not in fruit fly season anymore; but, the bad news is there are other things you might have to worry about in terms of pest control in Vancouver. But how do you really know if you have a problem? Is this question “bugging” you?

Watch for these tell-tale signs that you might need to call a Vancouver exterminator:


Small pepper-like excretions can be a sign that you need to get some help with silverfish control in Vancouver. They aren’t true fish at all, they are little bugs that live in dark, damp places like your bathroom. Larger feces might be an indication of rodents.

Property Damage

They seem little, but silverfish can eat away at your home and cause damage. They are best to be kept under control as much as possible to preserve your investment. Also, they are gross, and that’s likely reason enough to keep them at bay. Mice or rats can also gnaw away at your belongings if they are present in your home. Warm Vancouver winters encourage rats to continue to forage into the colder months.


You might see a silverfish in your sink, bathtub, or on your bathmat in your bathroom or kitchen. Where there’s one silverfish, there are likely more and it may be time to for call in pest control in Vancouver. Similarly, you might see a mouse or rat scurry across your floor. It’s good to figure out where exactly they are coming from so they can be exterminated.

Making use of pest control in Vancouver can help keep your home healthy and free of pests. When you call an exterminator in Vancouver, such as ABC Pest Management, and deal with it early on, the problem is less likely to worsen and get out of control.


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