Carpenter Ants: A Quiet, Dangerous Threat

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Most home owners are afraid of an insect notorious for reducing the value and even threatening the structural integrity of homes: termites. Because termites are so well known for their destructive behaviour, they get the majority of the attention. But just as dangerous, and possibly more insidious, are carpenter ants. They also chew wood to dust and can cause structural damage if left unchecked. But their behaviour is a little different and the signs are less obvious. Knowing about them should be a priority for anyone who owns a home. 

Tell-Tale Signs 

The most obvious signs of carpenter ants are the ants themselves. Usually they’ll find a soft wood entry point, somewhere where water has gotten in and caused the wood to rot or become softer. Look around windows and door frames for cracked or peeling paint or cracks in the wood itself. 

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t actually eat the wood. Instead, they chew it in order to create tunnels and galleries where they build nests and live in the wood. If you see piles of fine sawdust that looks like it’s been falling from a beam or through a crack in a board, you may be seeing the leavings of carpenter ants. 

What to Do if You See Carpenter Ants 

If you see carpenter ants around, making their way into your home, call an exterminator immediately. It will not be enough to put out store bought traps and poisons because once they find a cozy home, they’ll just keep coming. Experienced pest control companies in Vancouver know how to deter carpenter ants and they will make sure that your home is sealed so they don’t find a way in to begin with. That way you’ll not only stop them from coming this time, you’ll keep them away in the future, too.

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