Bringing the Outdoors In

Steps to prevent unwanted guests in your holiday decorations

Tis the season to be jolly and to decorate and celebrate with friends and family by making and sharing good food. Tis also the season for having house guests, but not unwanted ones.

The big three unwanted guests any time of the year, but especially during the holidays are mice, rats, and squirrels. There are many clever and diabolical ways to capture or kill these three home invaders. But the best is to keep your yard clean, your trash in sealed cans and to cover any crack and hole in your home down to the smallest of gaps.

When closing the gaps in your home, pay special attention to gaps and holes around pipes as leaks can widen holes creating and entrance way. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter and mice slither through anything the size of a dime.

The best material you can use to cover and fill in those holes is copper wool, because rodents will chew through foams and caulks, and steel wool rusts too quickly. You can also use an aluminum window screen or hardware cloth. A professional service can help identify holes, and cover or fill them for you.

It’s important to let your house breathe so use aluminum window screening over openings like windows, vents, and chimneys.

Make sure that any food not in the refrigerator is sealed tight and kept above counter level. This includes pet food. Rodents are nocturnal, so any pet food left in bowls overnight attracts them. Of course, if your cat is sitting there, that will deter them from your kitchen . . . for the moment.

If you’ve done everything to keep them away and still notice telltale droppings in your kitchen, then the smartest thing to do is to call us and let us deal with the dilemma.

As a professional service ABC Pest Management can guarantee you a holiday filled with cheer, not rodents.

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