Benefits of Using Integrated Pest Management

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Pest control services should provide more than just a one-time fix for pest problems. The best pest control providers use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a program that ensures that your Vancouver home or business is free of pests for the long term. Control pests with IPM and you should never have to worry about insects or rodents again. 

How it Works 

IPM is a multi-faceted approach to pest management. It starts with a full evaluation of your Vancouver business or home, identifying vulnerable points where pests may get in or make their homes. You’ll have any pest activity monitored and you’ll learn about what kind of preventative measures will keep pests out. This will include sealing of cracks or spaces around doors and windows, which are common entry points for pests like ants and spiders. Plus you’ll learn about what you can do to keep your home or business clean and sanitized, making it less hospitable for pests of all kinds. 

If you currently have a pest problem, Integrated Pest Management will also include the removal or extermination of those pests. However, you should work with a Vancouver pest control company that provides IPM without going too crazy with the chemicals. Many pest control companies are happy to pull the trigger on hazardous chemicals which may take out any pests but don’t ensure you’ll be rid of them in the long term. Plus, you may not want to be introducing those chemicals into your home or business unless absolutely necessary. Because IPM is pest control focused on the long term results, using the least toxic solution possible and integrating preventative measures as needed. The chemical, short term solutions will only be used if there’s no other alternative. 

Smart Pest Control 

Pest control in Vancouver should take into account the conditions that pests like and avoid creating those conditions. With Integrated Pest Management, you’ll get rid of current pests and you’ll create an environment that pests will not be attracted to in the future. Instead of being attracted to your home, they’ll go elsewhere to set up their nests. 

In the end, real pest control is long term pest control that takes into account any and all pests that may pose a threat to your Vancouver home or business. Only by identifying, exterminating, excluding, and monitoring for pests will your home be truly pest-free. Integrated Pest Management offers exactly that kind of thorough approach, without the over-use of dangerous chemicals. You can rid your home or business of pests in a smart way with Integrated Pest Management.

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