Bed Bug Prevention Tips

It is important to be aware of ways to prevent bed bugs in your everyday life. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind:

  • Vacuum suitcases after returning from a vacation.
  • Check your bed sheets for tell-tale blood spots.
  •  Consider bringing a large plastic garbage bags to keep your suitcase in during hotel stays.
  •  Carry a small flashlight to assist you with quick visual inspections.
  •  Never bring second-hand furniture, especially mattresses and box springs, into a home without thoroughly examining for signs of a bed bug infestation. You might consider having a pest control professional,ABC Pest Control to inspect the furniture as it is difficult to detect an infestation without training.
  •  Regularly inspect areas where pets sleep for signs of bed bugs.
  •  Bed bugs are elusive creatures, so it is imperative to seek professional pest control assistance to address an infestation.
  •  If you have any question on bed bug control or prevention call us or email us at service@abcpestmanagement.ca


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