5 Tips to Keep Baking Goods Free From Pantry Pests

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You may think that your home is pest-free, but there is a possibility that there is some kind of nuisance in one of the places you would least suspect — your pantry! Pantry pests like tiny beetles and moths can invade your cupboards and find a home in your baking goods. Nobody wants bugs in their house, especially their kitchen, so here are some tips for keeping your pantry pest-free. 

1. Only Stock What You Need 

Buying in bulk is great for saving money but may give pantry pests more places to hide. You think you’re getting a great deal on an extra bag of flour, but little do you know that pests are making a home inside, until you open it up months later. If you buy in bulk, use sealed containers for storage. 

2. Store Goods Properly 

Airtight, carefully sealed containers are a better option than the bags and flimsy containers in which most baking goods are packaged. 

3. Regularly Inspect Your Pantry 

Keeping a clean, organized cupboard can help you keep pests away, and will also help in detecting any pest problem. Clean up your pantry regularly, eliminating any spills or messes, and partially used items which are open and comfortable for pests.

4. Dont Accept Open Baking Goods From Others 

Taking an open box of cereal from a friend could bring their pest problem into your house. While people wishing to share food have good intentions, it isn’t worth the risk of a pantry pest infestation. 

5. Eradicate Pests at the First Sign of Infestation 

Once you have pantry pests in one item of baking goods, they will quickly move into the rest of your cupboards, making it harder to control. 

If you suspect an infestation, contact a professional company like ABC Pest Control. Our experience and professionalism are appreciated by our clients and feared among pests of all kinds.

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