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January 18th, 2017

With all the snow and colder weather we have had in Vancouver this year, it is no wonder that you may have seen more than one rodent creeping around your property. Rodents are going to be looking for weak spots in your home to get inside and get warm as well as find a food resource.

Here are some steps to prevent rodents during the cooler months:

Weather strip your doors

Walking the perimeter of your home and sealing gaps along the base of doorways, garage doors and pet doors is vital to keeping rodents out.

The local hardware store carries a variety of weather proofing strip seals for the entrance doors to your home. It is also important to assess the rubber strip installed at the base of your garage door; over time, these become weathered and crack or come loose from the screws or nails holding them in place. Pet doors should be kept closed during the winter if possible. If closing them up for the winter is not an option, then check the seal yourself or have a pet door installer inspect your door for a good tight seal.

Seal up gaps

Rodents like rats and mice only need a space the approximate size of a quarter or dime to get into your home. Having the cracks and gaps around the foundation of your home is an effective way to lock out rodents. It is important to remember to check around pipes and windows as well. Using cooper wool to fill these gaps is our recommended method as mice and rats can chew through caulking and foam fillers.

Your home needs to breath, so using aluminum window screening over larger openings like windows, vents and chimneys is recommended for good air flow.

Get A professional assessment of your home

Hiring a professional pest control company to come in and do a walk through to identify entrance areas can save you a lot of time and money. ABC Pest Control in Vancouver will work with you to identify holes and cracks; as well as professionally seal these potential entry points.

Taking some time to properly seal gaps, replace worn weather stripping around your doors, and working with a professional pest management company in Vancouver to assess potential entry points, will help to keep rodents out of your home and left out in the cold during the winter in Vancouver.

December 3rd, 2016


It’s the autumn, a beautiful season in Vancouver. The good news is, you’re not in fruit fly season anymore; but, the bad news is there are other things you might have to worry about in terms of pest control in Vancouver. But how do you really know if you have a problem? Is this question “bugging” you?


Watch for these tell-tale signs that you might need to call a Vancouver exterminator:



Small pepper-like excretions can be a sign that you need to get some help with silverfish control in Vancouver. They aren’t true fish at all, they are little bugs that live in dark, damp places like your bathroom. Larger feces might be an indication of rodents.


Property Damage

They seem little, but silverfish can eat away at your home and cause damage. They are best to be kept under control as much as possible to preserve your investment. Also, they are gross, and that’s likely reason enough to keep them at bay. Mice or rats can also gnaw away at your belongings if they are present in your home. Warm Vancouver winters encourage rats to continue to forage into the colder months.



You might see a silverfish in your sink, bathtub, or on your bathmat in your bathroom or kitchen. Where there’s one silverfish, there are likely more and it may be time to for call in pest control in Vancouver. Similarly, you might see a mouse or rat scurry across your floor. It’s good to figure out where exactly they are coming from so they can be exterminated.


Making use of pest control in Vancouver can help keep your home healthy and free of pests. When you call an exterminator in Vancouver, such as ABC Pest Management, and deal with it early on, the problem is less likely to worsen and get out of control.


July 31st, 2016

Carpet beetles in VancouverCarpet Beetles are a common form of pest infestation in the Vancouver home. They are also one of the hardest to eradicate.

Left unchecked they can cause a lot of damage to your fabrics, carpets and furniture.

Surprisingly it’s not the adult carpet beetles that do the damage but the larval beetles. Adult carpet beetles feed outdoors on pollen and nectar. Carpet beetle larvae prefer to feed in the dark. They are fond of cotton, linen, rayon, fur, silk, and wool.

Carpet Beetle Larvae

The larval stage of carpet beetles can last up to three years. An infestation in your home can add up to a lot of destructive munching through your clothes and carpets.

Female carpet beetles can lay up to 100 eggs at a time inside your home. The eggs hatch into larvae within seven to 35 days.

Since carpet beetle larvae like dark, hidden areas, they can be difficult to find. This is just one reason that you should hire good pest removal specialists.

ABC Pest Control Vancouver will quickly locate the source of the infestation and eradicate it. They will search for larvae behind baseboards, under furniture and carpets, around door casings and inside air ducts. They will look for fecal pellets and the shed skin of larvae. A higher concentration of these in one spot might also indicate the source of the infestation.

Types of Carpet Beetle

The three main varieties of carpet beetle are: the Varied Carpet Beetle, the Furniture Carpet Beetle, and the Black Carpet Beetle.

The first two varieties are round and mottled yellow, brown and white. The Black Carpet Beetle has a longer, black body and is the largest of the three at up to 3/16” long. The Black Carpet Beetle is also the most destructive.

Although they move slowly, these carpet beetles' larvae will roam from room to room in your home. They can cause rampant damage before you discover you even have an infestation.

Act fast! For pest removal or pest control in Vancouver and Surrey, call ABC Pest Control to stop potential infestations in their tracks.

June 28th, 2016

cockroach control vancouverGetting rid of pests that like to make their home in your home can be a challenge, especially if these little pests are cockroaches. You may think you've seen the last of them, but chances are, there may be many more unless you have had a professional deal with the situation.

Cockroaches love hiding in walls. You've tried every trap and spray, but still have a bug problem. You will want to be rid of these pests for good, for several reasons.

Cockroaches and Associated Health Risks

Cockroaches and other insects, can spread germs and bacteria wherever they go. Believe it or not, cockroaches will leave germs behind that cause illness in humans. When you have children around, that's the last thing you want to be worried about.

If you have leaky faucets in the kitchen or bathrooms they provide the perfect places for cockroaches to set up shop. Not only do they carry germs and bacteria, but they bring parasites along with them.

We all know how bacteria and germs cause itching and respiratory illnesses. Don't let this happen in your home. Cockroaches can cause problems for everyone, but particularly for the very young and the very old.

Vancouver Pest Control to The Rescue

A Burnaby pest control company will get the job done for you. They will rid your home of those pesky cockroaches who love to scatter when the lights come on and they will do it once and for all.

Your pest control expert will look for areas in your home where water accumulates because cockroaches are attracted to leaky faucets and standing water. Cockroaches don't give you the virus germs themselves, they merely carry the germs from other places and deposit them on your home's surfaces.

At the first sign of a cockroach in Burnaby or Vancouver, call Vancouver Pest Control. They know just what to do and will find an effective solution to your cockroach problem.

June 8th, 2016

Saving bees is importantBees are among the most important creatures on the Earth. They help humans in many ways and are, in fact, beneficial to us every day and every season.

While it could be argued that bees shouldn't be considered pests, if you find you have an overabundance of bees on your property it's best to call the finest in pest control in Vancouver for help. They will get those bees into a safe location – safe both for them and for you.

Here's why saving our bees is so important.

Bees Play a Major Role in Nature

Did you know that bees pollinate over 80% of the Earth's flowering plants? Without bees pollinating gardens and green spots, we wouldn't be enjoying the beauty of nature that bursts forth every Spring.

Just one bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day. That's a lot of colorful blooms!

Bees Are Vital to the Earth's Food Supply

If you love fruits, nuts and all kinds of vegetables, thank a bee! Bees are responsible for pollinating over 70% of all these plants.

Are you an almond lover? Almond is a popular flavoring - perfect in cakes, breads, and as a snack. Without bees, there would be no almonds at all.

Of all the food crops grown throughout the world, bees pollinate a majority of them. They are also vital to bird and animal species, too.

Honey is a Superfood

Bees make honey, which is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Raw honey is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, which provide you with all the added nutrients you could wish for. If you suffer seasonal allergies, just taking local raw honey will put an end to your sneezing for good.

How to Respond When Bees Move In

It's amazing to see how vital bees are to the planet. If you are overrun with them, calling an exterminator in Vancouver doesn't necessarily mean that the bees will be destroyed. Rather, it means you are engaging professionals who will be able to assess the scene and determine how best to solve your bee problem, and hopefully also save the colony.